Is the description of communication wrong?

For incoming communication on controller COM ports, which is requested by another device, the flowchart must first use Listen for Incoming Communication and then use Accept Incoming Communication to establish a connection.

For incoming communication on serial modules, which is requested by another device, the flowchart uses the Open Outgoing Communication and Communication Open? commands to establish a connection.

This is the description in the 264th page of the user’s Guide (PAC Control User s Guide). Is this description wrong?

No. It is not wrong.

Think of it in terms of ‘smart’ and ‘dumb’.
A smart device can start the process, a dumb device can only respond to data, it can not start a conversation.

In the first part of page 264, it is a smart device, so the PAC can listen and accept.
The second part is a description of a dumb device so the PAC opens outgoing communications and checks that has occurred OK.

The above descriptions are based on the IP-addressable serial module and do not apply to the serial port at the top of the controller, right?

The listen/accept requirement only applies to “tcp:” comm handles. Using Ben’s analogy, the tcp protocol is smarter/more complicated than any of the other types of comm handles we support, which are okay w/just the 1 “open” step.

It’s unfortunate that open command has the “Outgoing” word in there since that’s a bit confusing, since you could use that comm handle strictly for incoming data.