Information sessions controller

As you can see the sessions used in a controller Thanks.

Not 100% sure what you are asking for, so going to take a guess that you mean the TCP connections to the controller.
For that, you need a SNMP viewer… recommend the free browser from;
Once you have that downloaded and installed, the next important thing you need to know where to look in the rather extensive SNMP area of the controller…
OID: .

Pretty sure that will get what you are looking for…

Of course, I have to ask… what are doing such that you need this information?

We would like to see the tcpip active sessions, because it has occasionally been a problem that a controller has stopped responding.

There is no other way to see the tcp ip sessions? many years with software Factory Floor was a html script that allowed see these sessions, it was easier.


No and your correct.

No, there is no other way. SNMP is the correct way to see the sessions (and more).
Yes, I too remember fondly the M4SENET-100 Telnet session to see the active sessions… Trouble with that method is that it is so very limited in the data that it made available.

If the controller is not responding now and then, please take a close look at the comm handles you are opening and closing in your charts, that’s the most common way for this sort of thing to happen. Each controller type has a limited number of TCP sockets (its in the respective manual) and once you use them all up, the controller will keep running the strategy and yet appear unresponsive since you can not connect to it.
(And if your strategy is still trying to open more comm handles, things will not get better… I may, or may not have some experience in learning this lesson).