How to determine a user's login ID

I need to determine the who is logged into Groov to display one of fifty possible well sites. The issue is multiplie user trying to access then same wells. Without changing the index for the displayed.

You can set up what pages (and what home page) each user sees.
Thus if you have 50 wells, but user ‘Joe’ can only be allowed to see wells 1,3 and 5, then you can go into the users and groups menu and set his username up to just see those pages…
Same with user ‘Mary’. If she is only allowed to see wells 3, 7, 9 and 12, then just tick those page numbers in her username config and you are done.
Her and Joe can both see well 3, but nothing else is in comon between those two users.
However, I don’t think you have set each well up for a page?

Thanks Ben,

Unfortunately that’s not the problem I have. And, I know I using the system in an odd way. All users have the ability to select any of the 50 leases. The real problem is that I don’t want to create 50 identical pages (one for each lease, and a maintenance nightmare). I can live with problem for a while (we’ve only got two POC wells at this point)

The way I have it working today:

  1. User-A logs on and selects lease 24. a chart in the Control copies the ~thirty table entries (based on the lease ID) to a set of display variables, and switch to the single display page. This is because Groov requires a numeric value as the table index and does not allow a reference to be used as the index into the table.

  2. This work find until a different user simultaneously logs on and selects a different lease number.

  3. Because there could be 4-7 users accessing the environment at any time, user would walk all over the selection.

  4. Having a user ID/reference I could create a “few” display pages and direct each users to a different display page.

I going to write up some request for enhancements and will forward them later.


I’ve had the same experience with PAC Display. Working with HVAC zones, I also create “display variables” in the strategy that I load depending on the zone the operator has selected. Unfortunately this doesn’t work too well with multiple users.

I and others have requested to have local variables in PAC Display and groov so that a local variable can be set and then used as the index to strategy tables. Maybe one day we will get that… I’ve tried to find the posts with the feature requests, but they seem to be gone from the new forum :frowning: Maybe you can start a new one.

Thanks again Philip,

Being an old unix hack, I'm use to having some basic information about the current user. Outside of the UID, group ID, login time, etc would be great to have available.  I've been putting together a list of enhancements and will try to finish it this weekend.