How to compiling pulseprogram.cpp code

Hello all,
I want to compile the code pulseprogram.cpp that is available in

using GCC compiler

I have tried using the below command

arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc pulseprogram.cpp -o pulseprogram_test

But got error as fatal error: O22SIOMM.h: No such file or directory

Please guide to make it a successful compilation.

The “pulseprogram.cpp” is an example, that will flash the output channel 22 on I/O Module GRV-ODCSRC-24, on module position 0 twenty two times.

I assume you have copied the exapmples to your groov EPIC via the Shell command. Once you are in the /SSH-Demo directory, and have the GRV-ODCSCR-24 module installes, call “./pulseprogram” and the output will flash.

yes exactly,

But what if I want to compile and run the CPP that you have shared in the Demo-SSH folder rather than to run the compiled one.