How do I make all tags public?

Using Epic and Ignition. All latest versions.
Yes, I indeed did not make my tags public, because they are from another strategy.
Therefore, do I have to go through and make each tag public one at a time??? Really?
If this is the case, then you need to either have a check box to make all tags public, or a set of check boxes on the find & replace dialog that allows one to search groups of tags (under “tag”) with one check box for make readable and one for make writable.

No, not really. I know we release a ton of stuff and its hard to keep up, but this bulk edit of ‘make public’ was added back in September 2021.

Ok, does that mean (without trying it first) that the CLI will allow you to set/clear all the tags without deleting them and reloading them?
Looks like it will do just that, but you have to have all the var names with type in a spreadsheet and script it. Let me guess, you can’t use a wild card char?

Btw, I went ahead and made essentially all tags public. Then in Ignition, I am making tag groups that are much more selective of tags.
I assume it is ok, to leave all the tags in Epic as public, except I assume it is less secure? Although since the comm to Epic is SSL, there really should not be any reason to be concerned about leaving them public?