HMI suggestions

I have 12 really big ovens with pre-historic controls. I am currently installing a pile of new sensors / drives …temp / RH / dew point… you get the idea. at each oven I need to be able to pull a recipes and run them. also need to adjust some set points at the oven. this needs to be really simple, given beijer seems to have lost interest what do guys suggest?
P.C and touch screen at each oven? open to any idea, I’m new to opto22 ,old siemens / AB guy but I really like the OPTO 22 stuff. seems like such a perfect fit if I can get my Head around the HMI part.

Hi bikebandit,

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For your HMI, I would be giving [I]groov [/I]a solid look over.

Put an ipad in an enclosure and go with that. (Dont forget they are made out of Gorilla Glass, so once in a solid case, they are pretty strong).
When all is said and done, it should be a little cheaper than a PC and touch screen up front, but factor in running and maintenance costs, and you should be way out in front.
If you can get by with a 7 inch screen, then something like the Nexus 7 for 200 bucks should really shine.

Put the touch screen at each oven, and then a single PC in the office running PAC Display for your recipes and long term data logging (and email alarms if required).

[I]groov [/I]and PAC Display work seamlessly with our controllers, it really is a plug and play all round solution.

You can email or call our pre-sales team and they can give you a demo.