GRV-ITMI-8 configuration doesn't stick

I can configure the channels for the ITMI-8, but they do not survive a reboot. After a reboot it reverts to the default 1200mV. Am I missing something?

Soft reboot through groov Mange, or a power cycle reboot?
(Just asking so I can try and reproduce it tomorrow).

EDIT, also whats PAC Control configured for? (Or Codesys).
It will over write anything that you have in groov Manage when it runs after the reboot.

These don’t survive either. Soft reboot, Codesys.

You might be onto something there. I haven’t made a configuration in the codesys strategy yet.

Are you clicking the blue SAVE link in the upper right corner? I had problems with firewall settings not taking until I noticed that SAVE operation. Maybe OPTO could add some logic to warn about unsaved settings when navigating away from these forms?

Yes, I was most assuredly clicking the “Save” link. The issue was the configuration in the Codesys strategy was still default. As soon as I changed that, the settings survived a reboot.

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