Grv-CSERI-4 setup using pac control and epic


I have a question about the module GRV-CSERI-4. Everytime I am changing the category of rs485 there are error that is pop up. “Server offline-data may be stale” how can I fix this. And when i am running it on pac control and changing it there using i/o points, It is changed in pac control but in epic still not. Can you help me on this please. I just need to communicate the power meter using grv cseri 4.
Here is my setup in communication handle
@Feeder3(name on my I/o unit) :baud=9600,parity=n,data=8,stop=1.
I believe this is correct but trying to open tge communication handle there is error - 87(open error) so I believe it is not communicating. And my wiring is also correct i am using half duplex rs 485. I’L put the positive in no. 1 slot and the negative is no. 2 slot in channel 0

And if you will check in groov epic through serial devices it is appeared there no usb serial converter or GRV CSERi-4 detected even I already installed the GRV CSeRI-4 in epic!please see picture

Hi Eugene. Welcome to the forums.
What firmware version are you running on the EPIC and what firmware version are you running on your serial module?
I recall there being some updates with fixes to both around this topic.

Hi Beno,

Thanks for the response… For CSERI-4 the version is 1.6f. For epic I will check the firmware.

And as per reading of specification GRV CSERI-4 should be on slot 0-3 only. My GRV CSERI-4 is installed in the wrong slot. It is installed in slot 9, 10, 11, and 12 so I guess this is the error. Can you please confirm if my understanding on GRV CSERI-4 is correct?

Oh, that’s not right… the serial modules MUST go in the first 4 slots.
For sure that is not helping things at all. (I would still check your EPIC firmware version).

Hi Beno,

I Believe that the firmware of epic is updated.
So putting the serial in the wrong slot is the issue? So the serial is not working properly right? So I need to put my serial in the first 4 slot?

I am not sure what version EPIC firmware you are using (A screen shot would be helpful of your Info page).

The core issue is that you do not have your serial modules in the first 4 slots.
As per the manual, it will NOT WORK unless the serial modules are in the first 4 slots.

Can I know what is the updated version for EPIC groov and where can I download it?

Here is a screen shot of a typical page.

It shows you the latest firmware for the EPIC and has the link to download it.
You must log in to your page to download the firmware.

Thanks you so much Beno. I will check the EPIC and will be back with the screenshot of my firmware.