Groov test with pac R1

Hello everyone, I am trying groov, it is very convenient to build a HMI. However, is there a way to know who is connected to the groov, who operated on the device, to form a record of operation? The customer wants all the operations to be documented and traceable. Who. What time to start the pump, stop the pump, etc… Thank you

This request has been on the ‘future groov feature’ list for a little while. Lets hope we see it soon.

In the mean time, you can get a lot of information about this sort of user activity from the logs.
You can view them either by going to the URL/#log or via groov Build -> Help -> View Logs.
At the bottom of the log page is a filter. By using this filter you can narrow down just the data you are most interested in.
Also worth noting is that these logs are live, they will update in real time without having to refresh the browser, my point being is that you can just leave this log open with the filter you want and you will see the information.

That’s fine, thanks.