Groov Events Realarming

Hi All,

We have a multitude of events setup on out Groov Project for a client.

When an alarm condition exists it stops every hour on the hour for about 5 minutes and then realarms.

Is there something that would cause this to happen on all our alarms? Would this be a possible wiring issue or a software or programming issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What do the groov logs show? (Get to them via build mode).

I dont know exactly what groove is. I want to know this first.

Get the lowdown on groov here;

I am running into a similar issue in which I have an event in groov setup with a debounce time of 500 seconds to avoid false signals, since the groov box is in a different location from the R2 that the event is associated with. This event would then send out an email to the maintenance crew when the event occurs longer than the debounce time and when the event ended.

What I found during testing is that if the even occurred I would see the following happen:
1 - I would receive the first email letting me know that the event has occurred, but not the second email letting me know that the event has ended.
2 - I would receive multiple emails telling me that the event has occurred, but not the second email letting me know that the even has ended.
3 - I would not receive any emails letting me know that the even occurred or ended.

In looking into the issue I was able to determine that the R2 was loosing connection thus causing the Groov box to not be able to read the I/O point from it.

Is there away that I can have the Groov box create an event message if the R2 losses connection to the Groov box or make it so that the event does not restart when the controller reestablishes network connection, without having to add new variable to the strategy running on the R2?

This functionality has been added to the groov Feature request list for a little while now.
(And not just for PAC’s but for all the device types groov can communicate with).

In regard to the Event Notifications, I have not personally experienced what you are seeing, is there anything in the groov logs? (Get to them via Build Mode. Help -> Logs).

There are a few things that could be at play here. First thing to check: is your groov Box logging that the event ended? If you open groov View and click the Bell icon in the upper right corner, that’ll take you to the Event Status page, and from there, click on the Message Logs link on the left.

That will show you a log of when events started and ended, so we can at least make sure whether your groov is noticing properly when things change.

We don’t currently log whether or not an email was sent successfully, but we do log errors. As a quick example, I entered a bad password in my groov’s Project Settings and I get this error in the log when things don’t send:

2017-02-17, 09:45:42 GMT-08:00 WARN com.opto22.groov.server.notification.EmailProcess - Failed to send message. Reason: 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at 535 5.7.8 y13sm2677584pfi.39 - gsmtp

groov doesn’t do any mail queueing: if we can’t send an email immediately, we don’t retry it later.

Devices going offline shouldn’t really effect event signaling: if a given tag is offline when we run our event loop, we just don’t update the event. So if it was active, it stays active until the device comes back online and returns a value that would make the event go inactive.