Groov epic restart

Hello All

I have a simple pac control strategy running on groov epic.
It monitors temperature values and writes to file. this works
However, if I restart the epic, I have to re-run the strategy for it to start back recording
is this the natural behaviour.


Hi and welcome to the Opto22 forums.

Short answer to ‘is it the natural behavior’… It depends on your settings…

For most customers they set things up to auto start after a restart, but some customers need to manually restart the strategy after a cold boot, I suspect that you just need to tweak a few settings to get the behavior you want.

From your PAC Control menu (while in Config mode). Click on File:

Then click on Strategy Options.

I don’t want to make a zip file every time I close PAC Control, but I HIGHLY recommend that you do have the next two options checked as I have.
This will ensure that you have a current zip file of all the parts that make up a strategy on your hard drive (which of course you will back up using the mantra… one is none and two is one).
It will also download that zip file to the EPIC so you can pull it out if you need.

The next tab over ‘Download’ has the check box you need.

You for sure need to have the top two boxes checked.
The strategy is downloaded to RAM, so you need to tell the EPIC controller to copy the strategy also to flash so it can be restored after a power up.
Next you need to set the autorun flag. This instructs the controller to run the strategy after a power cycle.
I personally don’t use background downloading, I would leave it unchecked till you get some more experience.
The last check box is handy if you just want to run the strategy automatically in PAC Control each time you do a download (debug) from configure mode. (Saves a click).

If you have not already, I HIGHLY recommend that do all the courses, or at least some of the ones you are interested in at our free training website:

And of course, if you have any follow up questions, be sure and come back and ask them here.