Groov EPIC Ignition Node Red version clarification

A heads up for anyone using the Ignition Node Red and Ignition Node Red Node:For EPIC firmware 2.0.2+ and Ignition 7.9.XX: you need to use the 7.9 branch to download the Node Red module, and you need to use SSH access to install the correct 1.5.5 node.

If you have already, uninstall the 1.5.6/7 Ignition Node Red node.

Here are the commands in SSH(note, you will need an outbound internet connection):

sudo su dev     
cd ~/.node-red 
npm install node-red-contrib-ignition-nodes@1.5.5

For EPIC Firmware 3.0 and Ignition 8.0.16: you use the Master branch, and the current (1.5.7) Node Red Node. And you must have an active Ignition Edge license for the Node Red module to work.

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If you don’t fancy the idea of having to install SSH access in roder to ge the Ignition Node-RED node to work on groov EPIC, or if you are using a groovBox which doesn’t allow SSH access, the nice people at Optomation have uploaded the 7.9 compatible ignition node to the Node-Red repository for direct installation from Node-RED editor.

Manage Palette > Install > and search for node-red-contrib-epic-ignition-nodes and it should pop up.

These nodes are provided for installation version compatibility when using grv-epic-pr1-2.0.x or higher firmware which includes ignition and ignition-edge gateway software 7.9.14 or higher, but below 8.0

For ignition 8.0 installations or higher, use the updated version of the nodes available in the Node-Red repository by searching for node-red-contrib-ignition-nodes