Groov EPIC 3.2.0 Firmware has been released

I love giving all you forum readers a heads up about new firmware updates, this one is no exception.

So what have we got in this update?

New hardware for starters… Yup, you heard it right… If you are running or plan to run Ignition 8 you might want to take a look at the new GRV-EPIC-PR2. It has a bigger chunk of RAM (3.7gigs) and SSD (22gig) than the PR1, this gives Ignition 8 the room it needs to breath. In all other specifications, the PR1 and PR2 are identical, so if you are not running Ignition, you can save a few bucks and stick with the PR1.

The PR2 will ship with Ignition 8.1.1 and the PR1 will ship with this new firmware version and Ignition 7.9.17

New Software Features:
Remember, with great power comes great responsibility - you can now set up a port forward rule (NAT - Network Address Translation) from one EPIC Ethernet port to another. This means you can give access to stuff like third party PLC software to PLCs that you have behind the EPIC firewall. Don’t do this over the Internet - Ever. Use the VPN. More on this to come.

We have added the PIDs to the native MQTT client (and RESTful server).

Node-RED gets bumped to 1.2.9.

Enabled Bluetooth support for Node-RED in the Linux kernel. Not all devices are supported of course, but post here in the forums how you go about using this feature if you do have a win.

If you are an SSH user and want more VPN options than the built in one, we have added some Wireguard packages to the repo.

You can download all logs with a single click.

You can optionally encrypt your EPIC backups.

The file area now shows the API call required to access any files you may have stored there.

Certificate handling has been improved in most places (groov Manage, Node-RED and MQTT).

System Status now shows the exact date and time the EPIC powered up. (Handy diagnostic metric).

PAC Control 10.4d gets support for the following commands:

  • Get All Module States
  • IVAL Get All Module States
  • Get Module States
  • Set Module States from MOMO Masks
  • Get Module Counters
  • Get & Clear Module Counters
  • Get Module Off-Latches
  • Get & Clear Module Off-Latches
  • Get & Clear Module On-Latches

You can now do the following actions through COM handles:

  • Create a new directory (without having to open a file)
  • Get current working directory
  • Change to a different directory
  • Delete a directory (Yay).

Heads up, prior to this release, you may have been able to use the Opto 22 reserved port 22002 for your application communication needs. Beginning with firmware version 3.2.0, the groov EPIC firmware will begin to prevent any use of port 22002. You may need to update your strategies.

As usual there are a slew of bugs that have been addressed. Check out the KBs and of course the official firmware readme.

Lastly, a reminder: For existing groov EPIC owners, there are two versions of this update in your portal. A version with Ignition 7 and a version with Ignition 8.
If you are not using Ignition at all or you are currently using Ignition 7, then just download that one and stick with it. If you are currently running Ignition 8, you need to install the 3.2.0-b.44 firmware with Ignition 7 first, then upgrade to the version with Ign8.