Groov Compatibility


I am new to Groov. Was just going through the specs.

(1) The GROV Etehrnet POrt supports Modbus TCP/IP , OPC data?

(2) Can Grrov Become Modbus Master for other modbus slave device in network?

Thanks & Regards,
Milind Raval

Hello Milind Raval,

With [I]groov[/I] you have several options for communicating with Modbus and/or OPC.

If you currently have an Opto 22 PAC which you’d like in the mix, there are several ways to connect the dots. This page (click here) talks about a few of those options.

If you [I]don’t[/I] currently have any Opto 22 hardware, you’ll probably want [I]groov[/I] 2.0 (expected release, later this month), which turns [I]groov [/I]into a OPC-UA Client. Then you can use an OPC-UA server (KEPServerEX from Kepware Technologies recommended) and drivers for your equipment to monitor and control virtually anything (Allen-Bradley, Modbus, Siemens, and many more).

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Thanks for the reply.

One More query.

to make it simple for me to understand. Does it mean that GROOV 2 will be able to fetch data from any third party system like SCADA PLC via OPC and also the data on GROOV will be available for other third party systems like SCADA,PLC ?

Thanks & Regards,
Milind Raval

Short answer: Pretty much (I’d use the word “most” rather than “any.”)

Longer answer/How the pieces fit together:

Your [I]groov [/I]2.0 (OPC-UA [I]client[/I]) connects to the OPC-UA [I]server[/I]. FYI - many of the existing OPC-UA servers on the market have KEPServerEx under the hood. The OPC-UA server needs to include a [I]driver [/I]to the PLC or other hardware you’d like to connect to.

Note here that the -UA is significant (vs. -DA, the original “OPC”). The KEPServerEX has a -DA driver available too. So if your “third-party… SCADA” is also an OPC client, either -DA or -UA, then you could connect it to your [I]groov [/I] client via that same server.

KEPServer even includes an ODBC driver for connecting to databases. And there’s some memory/variables/registers included as part of the server where you could store some data to be shared between clients, if you’d like.

The possible combinations are nearly limitless!

Hope that helps.



I will try and update.

Milind Raval