Giving Operator privilege to download chart data

I’ve tried to work around this but have not been able to allow an operator privilege too download the data without allowing them to edit groov.

Yes, I’ve seen this too, if you’re looked in as “kiosk” or “operator” you get a blank screen or a 403 and “rejecting access” errors in the logs. I’ve bugged the doc/developer folks about this. Stay tuned…

Thanks so much for asking. We’re looking at some changes/improvements for the “coming soon” 3.4 groov version. But in the meantime, something you can try now in 3.3…

A work-around (at least for browsers, not mobile), is to create a link on the page using an a user’s API key that DOES have access.

For example, you can download my lamp temperature data here:

Note: that last part, the api_key, is from an editor-level user, and I got it by logging in as an editor, and right-clicking on the link/pen I wanted on my trend.

This means I can log in as a kiosk user (e.g. rest/rest on: ) and still get that data via the editor’s endpoint, like the link circled below (which is just a navigation gadget w/the URL I mentioned above):

Make sense? Do you see what I’m saying there?

Thanks again for the great question/suggestion, keep 'em coming!

Works great …

Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know.
How do you find it behaving on mobile devices? (You had some issues with it in the past right?).

We still need to fix the bug that when you download TrendData csv file on a mobile device. (Or on IOS devices at least) it blocks the whole of the screen including the menu bar and there is not way of returning to the app. You have to kill it and login again. I think this about the third time I have mentioned this, so hopefully following Beno on a thread gets it more publicity.

Uh, Ok, first I have heard of this one… (Also, I am an Android guy… something something ignoring iOS posts - really, not really).

We will take a look - thanks for posting the screen shots - always helpful to see whats going on.

This looks like it’s an issue in the mobile app only, right? Not a problem if you just use Safari?