Get & Set Date & Hour through NTP Server

With this code, you can sinchronize the controller time with a NTP server.
You can turn any computer to a NTP Server with a lot of Free softwares (Dimension4 for Ex,), that sinchronize the PC time with a Web NTP Server. The computer just have to answer telnet command on the port 13.
You can configure a list of the servers that you want to sinchronize, the time to poll the server, the number of retry before to go to the next server, etc…
The default parameters are in the initial value on the strategy.


Can you make the PAC S be an NTP or SNTP server?


Yes, using a comm handle to listen for the incoming connection on port 13, you could then supply the incoming device with the time in the format it is expecting.
Not trivial, but not real hard either (depending on what format the other device expects the time/date to be presented).