Get IP Address of controller with OptoScript

Is it possible to get the IP address of the controller through OptoScript? If so, how?

Yes! Check out the “Control Engine” command:[INDENT][B]GetControlEngineAddress( IP_String );[/B]
[/INDENT]Also possibly useful to you (since that command returns a string), the “String Command” called:
[I]Convert IP Address String to Integer 32[/I], or in OptoScript:[INDENT][B]IP_Integer = IpAddressStringToInt32( IP_String );[/B]
[/INDENT]Hope that helps!

p.s. You can also [I]change [/I]IP Address values (gateway, DNS, etc. too) in your strategy, I’ll be uploading an example of how to do that soon…

Awesome!! Thank you.

You’re welcome! BTW, here’s a link to the “how to CHANGE IP Address values” I promised above: