Files lost


we’re using “our standard opto charts” for several location with random hardware configurations. e.g. PAC-R1 with LDDi, LDDo, HDDi, HDDo, SCM, AIMA, AIRTD random placed, with or without PAC-R1 ‘slave’ with random hardware.

Each location (brain) has it’s dedicated configuration stored to flash.
For debug info there’s a log also stored to flash.

After one or more reboot’s these configuration files are gone.
Most of the times, these log’s are still there. :confused:
But sometimes there just one or two left.

Hi manrayco,

First up, welcome to the forums…

Regarding your peek-a-boo files, I have a few quick thoughts.

First up, if you are in pac manager, make very sure you are clicking on the ‘store configuration to flash’ and not ‘erase configuration from flash’ which is just below it… you would not be the first to accidentally (but confidently) click on the wrong command.

Check your rack voltage. Be sure to do this at the rack, and be sure to check it after the fuse. (Check out our YouTube OptoMinute on the topic if you want a quick how-to). This is really really (no, really) important. 5.1v is your friend.

You storing to flash programmaticly? If so, just double check your code/bit mask/mem map addresses.

Whats causing the reboots? You say that after each re-boot you check for the files, I wonder whats causing them, and how you are checking each time for each file.

Lastly, dont be afraid to get some help from our product support group,, they are a friendly bunch and its free.

Lets know how you get on.


Hi Ben,

thanks for the reply.

The way it’s done (for now):
I put store the configuration files to flash by uploading the files to the brain.
When i’m done uploading, the store to flash command is excecuted.
Then I start to run the strategy.
During the power-up, the uploaded files are used to create the variable tables, comm handle, etc…
The strategy is running without error’s, so the configfiles are read from flash.

While debugging the opto-script strategy (a break-point is set and with step into walked through the script) a reboot command is received from a handler.
The brains are connected to a scadasystem. When for a period no data is recieved from a brain, a reboot is send to this brain.

Sometimes, after this reboot, these’s configuration files are gone.

The logfile is created during power-up, error’s appended to this logfile and stored to flash.
I use the following code:

//Get time

// message for logfile
s_ErrorMessage = "Total points used: " + s_Total_Points + " " + s_Time + " # ";
// append to logfile
s_File = “file:a,” + s_Logfile;
i32_Error_CH = OpenOutgoingCommunication(chLocalFile);
// save to flash

These logfiles remain on flash after a reboot.



Hi Raymond,

Yup, time to talk to our Product Support Group. (PSG).
Drop them an email