FactoryFloor R4.1A install on Windows 7 Professional

Is there an update for FactoryFloor R4.1A to work on Windows 7 Professional?
I am having problems communicating with the controller, error’s relating to
WinRT not started (which is in Windows up to XP but not in Windows 7,
also TCPIP cannot connect.

1 B3000 SNAP Analog/Digital (B3000)

Communicating to PC from M4SENET-100 to Ethernet route to PC

I need HELP Now if I must use Windows XP that is fine I just need to Know now.

Hello gwood,

Welcome to the forums! While there are plenty of Factor Floor users on our forums, who may have suggestions/ideas for you, I’d strongly recommend you contact Opto 22 support (it’s free!). Hint: often email is faster than the phone, especially since you’ve already typed up your question.