Excuse me.Need a flashing alarm sign

The red warning sign in the upper left corner, I hope it’s flickering, once a second. I know that Groov can be implemented. But I didn’t find the appropriate animation. Excuse me, where can I download one, thank you!

Hi @zhhpei,

Do you just want that LED to change color every second? If so, you can use the LED gadget and tie it to one of the Data Simulator tags, like the Square Wave A…



If you need to do something more elaborate, you could use an Image Indicator w/one image for one value (like “on”) and another image for another value (like “off”).

Have you seen our handy svg library? I generated these two SVG files using the last symbol in that last set of categories. Note the link to the video at the top of the page that shows how to do use the tool:


I hope that helps!

I hope that when the alarm appears, a variable is true, and the alarm mark on HMI is flickering. I need a picture of the animation. A.Gif file that can be used in Groov. Thank you!

Something like this?


.gifs don’t handle transparencies as well as a .png. As you can see, the second .gif was made with the color black set as the transparent color. It leaves the edges of the image coarse. The .gif timing in both of them is 500 msec.

Thank you very much. This is exactly what I want.