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Error Logger (Message Queue Logger) Example Control Strategy and Display Project

We have a new example PAC Control strategy and PAC Display project called Message Queue Logger. It is available on our Web site here:

Samples & Freeware

You can also get there by going to, then choosing the Support tab, then the Downloads link (near the upper-left corner of the page), and then “Samples & Freeware” in the lower-middle section of the page.

It is called “Message Queue Logger” because the error queue now supports information and warning messages as well as errors, so the error queue is now referred to as the “message queue.”

Purpose of Message Queue Logger:

The message queue logger Control strategy copies message queue entries to a persistent string table. The related message logger Display project logs each new index of the persistent string table to the computer’s hard drive.

This provides greater visibility and insight into your system and makes it significantly easier to troubleshoot problems when they arise. By implementing message logging in your system from the beginning, all error, warning, informational, and user messages are automatically logged to your computer’s hard drive as they occur. This provides a history of how your system runs under normal conditions.

When problems occur, you will have a history of normal messages as well as error messages to help troubleshoot the cause.

If you periodically review the files logged to the computer’s hard drive, you may be able to identify problems before you even notice symptoms. Also, when a problem does occur, it will be helpful to be able to review the log files of when the system was functioning correctly.

This example was created using ioProject Basic 7.0 so that it would be available to customers using 7.0 or newer (ioProject and PAC Project), including both Basic and Pro.

Starting with the PAC Project release 8.2002, this example is part of the PAC Project install.