EPIC set up as DHCP server

Is it possible to install a DHCP server on the EPIC with shell access and have devices connect directly to the EPIC?

If you have shell, you are welcome to try.
(Depending on how many devices are on the same network as the EPIC, it might just be quicker/cleaner to assign static IPs to them and be done).

Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Say it doesn’t go as planned, would a factory reset work to restore the EPIC?
If the reset did not work could it be sent back to Opto?

As with any adventures in shell, we recommend you know the whereabouts of your nearest paper clip (grin).

There are two ‘partitions’ on the EPIC, the working one and the factory one.
When you goof up and want to go back in time, the factory reset (paper clip till the stat light flashes red/green) will write the factory data over the top of the working one and thus give that fresh out of the box boot.
Very rare that it does not work, so sending it back should not be needed.

Back to the DHCP server… how many devices are we talking about on the local network?
I am rather interested in that use case.

You’re case might be special, but from my standpoint, it is not worth it to not have a small 5 port managed switch like Mikrotik. All their switches/routers are managed and all come with dhcp server regardless of how small and cheap they are plus you can talk to them from Epic via ethernet or serial.