EPIC module terminals too large

Has anyone else received groov EPIC module terminals (pluggable terminal connectors for field wiring) that are slightly too long to fit into the module? Was there a manufacturing run of off-spec terminals?

This is the product
(groov I/O Module Terminal, Black)

To help the factory / suppliers out here, do you mean the terminals in the 5 pack or a terminal that came in the module box?

I meant in general. I have one case where the terminal that came inside a GRV-IDCIFQ-12 module box is too large and one case where a pack of five spare terminals from Opto 22 directly are too large.

All components are at room temperature.

I went around with a micrometer this morning, plugging, unplugging, and measuring nine modules in our shop and compiled the following chart:

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Wow. Outstanding reply!
Thanks for the solid slug of data.
Have printed it out and am heading into the factory…