EPIC groov modbus to PAC strategy

Is there a way to directly expose/access modbus tags created on the EPIC (through groov) to the PAC strategy running on the same unit for control purposes?

If you mean you have a Modbus device configured in groov View and you want to allow PAC Control to access those tags. Then no.

Configure the Modbus device in the PAC Control Modbus toolkit and connect groov View to the tags (the same ones you have now).

I was afraid of that… the PAC control toolkit is such a kludge compared to the groov setup…

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Can you use Node-Red to copy the modbus device tags to PAC variables?

No, its not a matter of using the ‘right tool’, its a matter of there is no possible way to address the device.
Think of groov View as Modbus read only. It can only read the device, it does not then expose the tags its reading via any other method.
There is talk about allowing read/write, but its a ways off.

Am I misunderstanding? I can write to modbus tags through groov view.

I think I am not being clear.
groov View is polling the Modbus device and getting the data from it.
Thats it. Thats all that can happen.
You can’t get the Modbus value that groov View just polled from the Modbus device out of groov View in anyway shape or form.

This is it (as you know).