Epic board connection

We currently have 9 Groovy Epics on the field, it has been a total of 3 times that one board turns on red, and the system keeps running without that I/O, it has happened so far on the serial, on the OVMALP and on the IV24

Failure happens randomly, although I have noticed it somewhat correlates to a cold day after hot days, system is housed inside an office, so temperature change is not so drastic

Field crews always manage to get the system running by removing the board and installing again, or just by wiggling the connection

We always use the provided screw to secure the board, in addition the device is installed inside a filtered ventilated enclosure, but I was wondering if there is some other recommendation besides that, such as dielectric grease on the connection


Please contact out support group regarding this issue.
They will be able to request the correct logs and get them to the hardware and software engineers and work with you to resolve the core reason for the red module status.