Embedded windows?

Is it possible to embed a browser page in the PAC display (insert an iFrame)? I was thinking about an analysis window with embedded graphs…or maybe a Groov page? I know…that is getting a little crazy. Let me know if there are any options. I know I can launch applications, but didn’t see a way to embed. Thank you! :cool:

You need PAC Display Pro.

If you have Pro, simply chose the last icon from the tool box, its the one that looks like a little globe with a electron whizzing around it.
Click and drag the box to the size you want.
Click back on your tool box select tool and then double click the box you just drew.
Enter your URL.

If you don’t have Pro… time to upgrade?

The problem is that I am making changes for my operation as well as the outfit that sold me the controller. They distribute basic to clients…not Pro. I assume they would need to sell the licenses for Pro to each customer which would be a good bit of extra cash. Worth it? Maybe…but a hard sell all the same. Thanks for the quick feedback!

On that note, could a client use the basic runtime to run a Pro project? If so, that would be nice…guessing not though…

I would for sure have a chat with the sales guy in your area; http://www.opto22.com/site/corporate_contacts.aspx

There might be all sorts of options that exist…

Hi Ben,
Is this difference between Pro and Basic documented? When I review the comparison charts, I do not feel I need Pro…but then I hear about this. Is there a chart that lists these types of differences? I am curious what else might be hiding in Pro…thanks!

When ever I try the url object, it causes the run time to crash during startup.

That looks like a bug which I’m not finding in our existing KBs, I’ve forwarded it to our support team for investigation and follow-up. Thanks for letting us know!

Good point, I’m not finding the toolbox differences in there either (we could at least mention there are a few more tools in the PAC Display Pro toolbox!).

FYI, there are a few other new Pro-only features that you might like, coming soon in 9.4! You are [B]subscribed to OptoNews[/B], right?

We’ve forwarded your concerns to our tech writer team. Thanks for asking.

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I reviewed the user docs and it looks like there are two buttons not included in Basic…a PID button and the URL window. So it looks like Basic fills all of my needs except the potential for that little URL button. I will keep an eye out for the other new features in 9.4. Maybe I will be able to justify the expense…thanks all.

Thanks for mentioning that, we’re now working on updating our various Basic vs. Comparison(s).

Re: 9.4, here a quote/preview from the updated data sheet which I thought might be of interest (re: PAC Display)

…you can configure an ODBC database for logging SuperTrend, Historic Log, and Runtime Operator Logging data files.

Display will soon allow logging to an external database? That is good news. Is that going to be a basic feature, or Pro only?

Look for it in 9.4, Pro only.

I now have Pro and loaded up Display to play with the Url window feature. Any chance you might consider adding dynamic properties? I would like the option to control visibility and also set the Url through a variable. This would be going to multiple sites and ideally they would set the Url through a control in a configuration section during runtime. Please consider this a suggestion on your potential enhancements list :slight_smile: .

Excellent ideas, I shall add them to the list!