Email using PAC Display 9.5 Basic

Hello all,

I’m using PAC Display 9.5d Basic on a project and I would like to send emails using it’s email feature. I have had no luck so far and Tech Support hasn’t been very helpful on this subject.

Has anyone successfully been able to implement the email function using 9.5?

If so do you have an example of your configuration?

Thanks for your time.

Looks like you’re also using groov? Any luck w/the groov email option?

Yes I’ve successfully done this multiple times using groov. This customer doesn’t have groov however and would like to use PAC Display to do this if possible.

I have to ask… You have tried setting the mail server, ports etc the same on PAC Display as what is working on groov?

Yes I have. I’ve used the same email as well.

Off the top of my head (the manual might have some helpful insight) PAC Display uses Outlook Express Lite to send its emails, so if it not a network issue, then it must be on the PC configuration side of things.
Can you send an email via Outlook Express on that PC?

I’m pretty sure outlook express is as dead as windows XP now. PAC display used to require a mail client to send e-mails, but now can use some built-in providers on 9.5. I believe 9.6 allows you to setup display to talk to any mail server, but I haven’t tried this yet.

So are you using the “System Default” selection or one of the built-in mail services? For system default, I have used Mozilla Thunderbird successfully in the past.

I’m using the built in for gmail.

I’ve tried both.

I’m able to send emails through groov but not through pac display. Server doesn’t respond when using pac display. I’m using 9.6 pro. Groov works fine.

When you used the built-in, which mail client were you using? Have you tried sending mail directly from it?

I don’t use the gmail option as I’ve had issues with things changing with gmail in regards to security so I could not rely on it.

Also, I just tried out 9.6 custom email server option, and it worked good for me using our mail server - maybe you can try 9.6 out as well.

Also, in 9.6 they added a test button for the e-mail - makes life much easier when trying to sort this out.

We can’t use 9.6. I verified that we can successfully do so using Default but then Outlook asks permission to do such. Is there a way to circumvent Outlook asking if it’s ok to send that email? That would be a suitable workaround.

I had the same issue with outlook 2007. Luckily one of our IT people knew of a registry edit that made the outlook issue go away. I’ve since been forced to upgrade? to 2013 version of outlook and alarms no longer work in pac display.I’ve tried custom, using same info I use in Groov, but wont connect to server. When I use default
I get the Outlook error of old.I’m using 9.6 pro

For Outlook MAPI security settings, check out this site:

The relevant registry keys from above:

Outlook 2016

DWORD: PromptSimpleMAPISend
Value: 2

Outlook 2013

DWORD: PromptSimpleMAPISend
Value: 2

Outlook 2010

DWORD: PromptSimpleMAPISend
Value: 2

Outlook 2007

DWORD: PromptSimpleMAPISend
Value: 2

Thank you Phillip, it worked perfectly!

Hmm this didnt work for me. I didnt edit the registry i simply used the admin to attempt to do this and it did not work…

Are you still getting the security prompt from outlook?

I needed to do the registry edit before it would work.

I was, but a little fumbling around with the security settings and it works. Now the big question is is there anyway to get this to work outside of using outlook. It’s an additional hurdle and extra money it would cost for every computer to need outlook.

Once again, groov is a working alternative but I need to completely verify what I can do in PAC Display.

Also, would this be easier or more viable to do in PAC Control?

You SHOULD be able to setup display 9.5 to use any e-mail provider directly (the custom option) - it works for me using our in-house email server.

Failing that, you could setup Mozilla Thunderbird on each computer instead of outlook, which is free.

If it were me, I would really try to get the PAC Display custom one working, as that is a lot cleaner.

If you are having issues sending e-mail to your mail server through PAC Display, then I think doing it through your strategy will be even more difficult - so if you are going to have Display running anyways, I would stick with that.