Dynamically populate combo box?

I’m working on an interface that needs to have a variable number of items in a combo box. I can’t find any information on dynamically adding/removing items, only dynamically replacing text. As of 9.3, is the only option to design the combo box with as many items as I anticipate the program needing and ignoring the ones I don’t use, or is there a better way?

Hi GHSP Test Lab! Welcome to the OptoForums.

You’re correct. More detail from one of our in-house experts:

…right now there is no way of dynamically adding / removing objects from comboboxes. Like all other controls in PAC Display, what you design in Configurator is what you get in Runtime. There might be some workarounds…

I like this idea:

…make a few bordlerless windows that each contain a different combobox. These windows could have the same coordinates but different visibilities depending on some variable state. Then only the “correct” combobox would appear, etc.

Hope that helps!


Hi OptoMary,

Thanks for the quick reply. We have a somewhat non-homogeneous environment here, so flexibility in the interface is a key concern. The combo box values will actually be mapped to a Modbus field I/O system, but not all of the platforms have the same configuration. The good news is that we have a finite selection of modules, so that would simplify the borderless window strategy.