Dont forget to activate and update your groov Box

[B]NOTE! Latest update news is at the bottom of this thread!!![/B]

If have unpacked your [I]groov [/I]Box and been using it, you really should update it to the latest version of software.
There are two parts to [I]groov[/I], the admin and the app. The update that we have right now is for the admin/box side of things.

The first step is to visit and activate your [I]groov [/I]Box.
Once that is done, you will be able to download the Admin update.
Log into [I]groov [/I]Build and click on ‘Configure -> [I]groov [/I]Admin’.
Click on ‘System’ to expand that, and then select ‘[I]groov [/I]Admin Configuration’.
Click on ‘Upgrade [I]groov [/I]Admin’, browse to the file you just downloaded and click ‘Upgrade’.

That’s the short version, you can see the [I]groov [/I]Users Guide (PDF) page 21 for activation and page 77 for updating [I]groov [/I]Admin.

While you are doing some admin type stuff, don’t forget its always a good idea to back up your project (From [I]groov [/I]Build, click 'File -> ‘Backup project to desktop’).

Here is a cut and paste from the readme about the update.

groov Admin 1.570.28
May 17, 2013
• A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is now displayed for any key pairs
• The default SSL certificate expiration has been changed from 10 years to 30
• A restart button is now on the System Information page if a restart is required
due to updates.
• A new SSL Certificate is created if groov is restored to the factory state.
• Restoring groov to the factory state ensures firewall configuration is correct.
• The STOR LED blinks red if restoring groov to the factory state fails or if the
firewall is misconfigured.
Bug Fixes:
82685 Restoring groov to the factory state will not change the default hostname to
upper case. The hostname will be lower case. Hostnames are not case sensitive.
82908 groov will not restore the groov APP file if it is a earlier version.
82937 The SYS LED will not stop blinking before groov App is accessible.
82953 groov Admin can no longer update to the same or earlier versions.
82956 The SYS & STOR LEDs will not stop blinking before the restore to factory
state operation completes.
82996 You no longer have to log in twice.

May not sound like it, but there are some really important and helpful updates in there (like the LED’s flashing right up until [I]groov [/I]really is ready to go).

Remember two things, first up, product support is free, and secondly, if you contact support with a bug, they are going to ask you if you are running the latest version!

Hot on the heels of the firmware update, we have an update for the groov App.

The way to get and update your groov Box are the same for the firmware, activate, download and update.

Here are the changes;

[B]R1.0b (6/3/2013)[/B]


· [B]82898[/B] - A warning is now shown when updating a strategy with a file having a different name.
· [B]82928[/B] - Renamed the “Backup Project to Desktop” menu item to “Backup Project to Computer.”
[B]Bug Fixes[/B]

· [B]82927[/B] - A new controller’s default IP address was The IP address field is now left blank.
· [B]82745[/B] - In larger projects with many pages, it was difficult to select a page for the Page Navigator gadget.
· [B]82919[/B] - When duplicating several gadgets, some of the duplicated gadgets would not be spaced correctly.
· [B]82922[/B] - Entering a value for Minor Interval tic marks in the Round Gauge gadget would lead to incorrect behavior.
· [B]82938[/B] - The Page Navigator gadget did not work well with hidden pages. Now if a linked page has the Hidden option set, the gadget will not be visible in [I]groov[/I] View.
· [B]82955[/B] - The Page Navigator gadget did not work well with pages that have Limited Access. Now if a linked page cannot be accessed by the user, the gadget will not be visible in [I]groov[/I] View.
· [B]82959[/B] - When duplicating pages, the software will now prevent pages from having the same name.
· [B]82998[/B] - The Range Indicator gadget could not be resized after switching it between vertical and horizontal modes.
· [B]82909[/B] - It is no longer possible for an admin to change their own account type to a lower type. It was previously possible for the only admin to reduce their privileges to a lower type and effectively cause there to be no remaining admin user in the project.

Groov Fans,

We have another groov App update from the software engineers here at Opto 22.

Here is the skinny;

Version R1.0c contains the following updates and fixes:
groov App R1.0c
June 28, 2013
Bug Fix -
82984 - Deleting a user or changing their security permissions will now take effect
immediately. Previously, if the user was currently logged in when the changes were
made, their previous security settings would remain in effect until they logged

Groov-y Fans,

We have a really really (no, really) important groov Admin update.
This one only applies for the groov Box. Not groov Server for Windows.

[B]groov Admin 1.570.29[/B]
August 21, 2013
Bug Fixes:
• 83140 A Wifi SSID name with spaces causes groov to crash.
• KB83228 groov Admin SSL error occurs after restoring groov to defaults.

As usual, get all your groov Box (and Server for Windows) updates at

Please be sure and apply this update!!! The SSL error is more important than it sounds.


groov users,

This update is pretty straight forward… It only affects groov Box owners.
Here are the details;

[B]groov App R1.0d[/B]
September 26, 2013
Bug Fix
KB83238 - Applying security updates in groov Admin prevents access to groov App.

The work around is pretty simple, if in groov Admin, you have an ‘Update Security’ button, don’t click it.
Apply the update, it removes the button.

As usual, get all your groov Box updates at