Display with corresponding Strategy check?

Is there a way to make sure that the PAC Display opens up with the correct PAC Control Strategy ? I know when I open up PAC Display and if the correct Strategy isn’t there, there is a dialog box saying that the correct strategy file cannot be found and it leads the user to the Control Engine where they can select the correct Strategy file but what if they picks the wrong file. For example I can run a display and use a completely different strategy file. The only time any error will be detected is during the runtime, which if there is not an exit button, can be hazardous.

I was wondering if there is something I am missing here or if there should be a pop up window saying that you have chosen the wrong file, please choose again.


Hi innotech01,

Um, not sure if you are missing something, or I am! :slight_smile:

The only time the strategy tags are connected to pac display is in configurator mode.
Once you have the IP address and tags connected to the graphics, you can (but dont!) toss out the strategy.
When pac display runtime starts, it just starts scanning the tags at the IP address you set up in config mode.

In other words, the computer that is running pac display runtime, it does not even need the strategy file or pac control installed on it.
If you have the wrong IP address configured, when runtime starts, all the graphics will be red (or what ever color you set them up to be) and there will be no data.
There is no hazard.

You dont get the option to pick the strategy file with runtime. Runtime does not need the strategy file.
You must connect the right tags to the right controller (IP address) in config mode. Once that is done. You are done for runtime.

Hope that helps.