Display Configurator 9.4 Issue?

Afternoon all,

I’ve got kind of a strange bug with Display Configurator Basic 9.4. Namely, I’ve got a bunch of windows already made in the project (it was originally created in 9.3) and we recently upped one of our customers to 9.4. Everything on the computer at the customer location (Windows 7, 64-bit) works fine. Files can be edited as normal. However, here on my laptop, whenever I opened the Display file, I am unable to open or close windows within the project. The list of windows remains unpopulated as if there were no windows, despite the project actually opening with 3 windows right away. The issue was the same on another co-worker’s computer, but was unseen on a third setup.

Any ideas?

P.S. (Edit: It was Version 9.4003 / 9.4c)

Additional visuals:

Configurator shows some current windows open.

Except when you go to close them…

The project certainly still has window files saved.

Hi aec_dan,

Sounds like you need [[U][B]the beta patch[/B][/U] update, just [U][B][URL=“http://www.opto22.com/site/downloads/dl_downloads.aspx?cid=0”]download the latest-and-greatest released version[/B][/U]] which our support team tells me:

…fixes the issue where window names would not show up in certain dialogs for some customers (some laptops or touchscreen or multiple display configurations).
…In order to use B9.4d, you have to already have PAC Project 9.4 installed. Be sure to back up your work before upgrading to this new beta version.
If there are any issues, contact PSG at support@opto22.com

Hope that helps!

Hey Mary,

Yep, it did help for the time being. Waiting on engineering for a different fix now. The beta patch unfortunately had broken copy & paste for tagged items. Whoops! :slight_smile:


I ran into this same problem today, and found that installing PAC Display 9.4004 (9.4d) took care of it.