Display 10.0 - All but supertrends freeze

Hi All, I already have a ticket (just opened) with support, but I am going out tomorrow for surgery, and things are acting up. So, I’m going to at least float the problem out there:

In the past I have had problems with PAC Display freezing, where, if I have supertrends running, they will still accurately plot data, but every other GUI element is frozen at the very first value they have read upon opening the display project.

My project was originally doing this a few months back. Steps taken at the time included making sure I was on supported versions of Windows (I am), and that I wasn’t asking “too much” of the display program (ie: if you’ll see some of my other posts, I was attempted to data log at around 10Hz through the display project).

It has been working just fine until now. Today I did some minor meddling with a GUI element, trying to get an image of a toggle switch to go visible/invisible at the appropriate time based on a vent fan’s speed. Somewhere along the way, as I’m attempting to test out the element, I noticed the GUI freeze was happening again.

Any thoughts at all? Anyone seen this despite complying with all recommended specs and design practices?

In the interest of at least having closure available to anyone who happens upon this non-thread in search - I was able to short term fix with a reboot. Currently upgrading from 10.0a to 10.0b (and maybe even beta of Display), but problem is elusive so I’ll watch if it pops up again. Would really like to hear from anyone else if they’ve seen the GUI freeze after 1 refresh time (typically 1s since that’s the default in Configurator when you make a GUI project).