Decoding memory map module information

Reading module information from the Memory Map (0xF010000, 0xF0100004).

Would it be possible to get the “SNAP Analog Inputs” table on pages 18-25 from 1465_OptoMMP_Protocol_Guide in an Excel spreadsheet format?

That Protocol Guide PDF is the main reference that I use, that input information doesn’t exists in any spreadsheet as far as I know.
What is it that you’re trying to do with the spreadsheet specifically? And is it with SNAP or EPIC?

Original has some trouble trying to copy and paste from the 1465_OptoMMP_Protocol_Guide.pdf cleanly into a spreadsheet. Have now figured it out.

The spreadsheet attached uses info form 1465_OptoMMP_Protocol_Guide pdf (Form 1465-180820—August 2018).

This is a SNAP project. Will be using this information for HMI diagnostic screens and our program used to make a recipe which is downloading in to the SNAP PLCs.
Opto22 (23.0 KB)


Glad you’re all sorted & thanks for sharing the spreadsheet! That could come in very handy.

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