Data Store Persistence

Are data store tags persistent? I was thinking about using a groov as local storage (among other things) for other devices. They could each query the groov for information written by the other devices (via NodeRed). This would only work though if the data store tag values can survive power cycles. Thanks.

Yep, they’re stored in the groov project. They’ll even survive a backup/restore.

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Sorry, one other thing. Is there a limit to how many times I can write to the data store or frequency? Thanks.

Not that I know of.
Its like writing a file to the hard drive.

@Jonathan_Fischer do you know of any limits?

No limits, beyond those applied by licensing. (e.g. if you’re running without a license, reads and writes to the data store stop working when the trial timer expires.)

This would be for the GROOV-AR1-BASE. Is that sufficiently licensed or do I also need the EDGE license?

The purpose of the groov in this application is to act as temporary local storage for one or more Ethernet connected devices. I was planning on using Node Red to receive and send data between the devices and the data store. The groov would also upload data to a SQL database or cloud storage. The groov seemed to be a good fit for this as it’s hardened and already has the built-in services I would need.


Yes, it would be for the AR1.
Because you plan on using Node-RED you can connect to as many devices as you like, so the BASE license is fine.
You would only need to license EDGE as well if you plan on using any of their drivers (Rockwell, Siemens or Modbus).