Convert from Pac Display Pro to Pac Display Basic

I have never needed to do this before, and maybe everybody already knows this, but here goes.
If you need to convert a Pac Display Project back to the Basic Version, I found a very simple method to do so, rather than having to recreate the whole Project. I checked and you cannot export Pro windows and import Basic windows, too bad, that would be too easy. However, this following method is way better than the alternative.

Open Pac Display Basic, create a new project in a new folder, name it and save it. The confgure control engines dialog will pop up so then point the new display project to the original Pac Control strategy and create the controller configuration as usual. Next, duplicate the windows with size and type, etc., and use all the same name and properties in the new window as is used in your windows of the Pro project. Now open the Display Pro project you want to convert, go to first screen, select all, and copy. Exit out of Pro, open Basic, go to the same window as you just copied, and paste. While all is still selected, make sure the graphics are all centered and so on. Next, do the same for the next window by opening pro again and copying all in the next screen until you have everything copied over. If you have a Menu screen that stays open all the time, do it last so that all the window menu links will paste and connect. After all this, then use the autocorrect tags feature to make sure everything is connected. Next you will have tyo make sure all your alarms are copied over as well.