Contest rules and how to submit your entry

Enter your favorite PAC Control code, subroutine, chart, or PAC Display HMI in our Code Contest.

[B]First Place prize:[/B] An Apple iPad! (Or an Amazon Gift Certificate valued at $500 USD)
[B]Second Place prize:[/B] An Amazon Kindle Fire! (Or an Amazon Gift Certificate valued at $200 USD)

[B]Contest Timeline[/B]
Last day to submit your code: July 25, 2012
Last day to vote on submissions: July 30, 2012
Winners announced: August 1, 2012

[B]Contest Rules and How To Enter[/B]

  1. Entries may include PAC Control chart(s), OptoScript code, PAC Control subroutine, or PAC Display HMI. Share the most useful code you’ve got. Remember not everyone has Professional versions of PAC Project, so if possible, submit examples using Basic versions so more folks can evaluate, vote, and benefit.

  2. Create a new thread in this forum (“Code Contest”). Attach your entry as a .zip file or paste your sample code directly in the post.

  3. Enter early and often.

  4. Code that has already appeared in the OptoForum may be entered: polish it up and send it in!

  5. Entries will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Level of documentation (commented code for the win!)
  • Portability (extra points for subroutines, for example. We do like subs.)
  • Usability (check out our sample entry: weather data for all)
  • Creativity (what have you thought of that no one else has?)
  1. Winners will be selected based on both OptoForum users’ ratings and OptoEngineers’ judgment. Half of the Code Contest score will come from Thread post ratings, and the other half from Opto 22 engineers. The judges’ decisions are final.

[B]Questions?[/B] Add a comment here or call/email Ben or Mary. We’ll get right back to you.

New Rule. Opto22 employees using aliases such as “Thorny Jams”, “Mrs Joythan”, “John Smarty” or similar should be excluded from the the competition! Her weather station subroutine should also be banned for being too wicked!


Hehe, yeah, we are on the look out for weird new member names that only seem to upvote the one submission…

Re Marys weather station sub, yup, its not counted, we just threw it up as an example of an idea of how you might put an entry together.
The point is to make your submission usable by others and documented well enough that we can figure out how to use it.