Connecting Controllers to Ignition

I’m working on a project that I’ll need to connect an Opto22 controller to Ignition. I’ve been able to make this happen using Kepware at my desk (small scale test). I can’t help but to wonder if there are other ways. I just read through the 2101 technical note and it looks like using Groov is an option instead of Kepware to make the OPC-UA transition needed for Ignition.

Has anyone out there connected to Ignition using either Kepware or Groov and is one a “better” choice over the other?
Are there other connection methods?
Is one more scalable than the other?
It is very likely that other Opto22 controllers in the plants will be connected to Ignition in the future. Just want to make sure I’m choosing a path that will allow the system to grow.

Quick project scope. Display data from an Opto22 system through Ignition. Take advantage of the SQL server to store data. Allow corporate office access to the data. Make it scalable to be installed in plants around the world.

Thought I’d give an update on this.

I was wrong about the Groov connecting to Ignition to do what I wanted. I misunderstood tech note 2101.

I did find that Ignition has an easy method to connect to controllers and brains via Modbus TCP. You’ll want to read through manual 1678 for this. As well as watch the Inductive Automation videos on Modbus connections.

At this point I’m grabbing analog input values from an E2 and a Learning Center here at my desk. Small scale test in preparation for large scale implementation in the plants.