Confirming Multiple R1's up and running strategy

Is there a way to contact numerous(500) R1 controllers, like PAC Terminal.
Determine if a strategy is loaded, if not download and run one, if so then run the one in memory.

I have the the PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-DOTNET SDK. Can connect to each controller, yet don’t see all the properties/actions of the controller that PAC Terminal displays.

Thank You

Probably the MMP SDK won’t help you. You have two “friends” that may help you obtaining what you are searching for: PAC Terminal and PAC Message Viewer (both installed under the tools folder of PAC project).

Basically what you need to do is to open an FTP session on the port 22001 of each of your 500 controllers. That can be manually done with the menu option Tools->Start Terminal of PAC Terminal. Once you open your tcp session, the first command should be PowerUp Clear (A), after that, you can request the name of the strategy downloaded into the controller (FILENAME) and also whether it is running (ANY.TASKS? will tell you how many charts are running). The answers received from the controller are not exactly human-readable: the first two bytes form a status code (usually 0x00 0x00). The message viewer will help you learn the exact frames that travel to and from the controller.
This is a sample dialog recorder from a PAC Terminal session:

>> A


In order to download a strategy, you can use the command line version of PAC Terminal (TermCL.exe).

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