Can't configure analog input from PAC manager

I can’t configure analog input from PAC manager, when i download the configuration to my SNAP-ENET-S64 it’s all ok but i have a warning: Cound not configure Analog Input point at 0,0.

Not really enough information here to fully answer this post, but two thoughts pop into mind.

  1. Many of our analog modules are not supported by this legacy Brain, check out our chart to see if the module you are trying to configure is supported or not;

  2. Drop our Product Support Group an email;

From the charts my SNAP-ENET-S64 is compatible with analog I/O point feature.

What is the analog module type (part number)?

SNAP ANALOG AIMA-4, 4 channel ± 20 mA.

Yup. Ok, that should work.
I would go with option two of my first reply, drop an email with all the details.

Ok, it was a low voltage in my rack (4,8 Volts).


Thanks for getting back to the Forums on the outcome.

At the hospital, if we had a spare 0 to 10v input channel anywhere on the rack, we hooked the power supply into that input, that way we could monitor our rack voltage from the I/O and control system.
As you have discovered, its really important.

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