Cannot move point to a different I/O unit

Guys, I am throwing this out to the forum to see if anyone has seen this and may have a recommendation.

I went to move a digital output point from one I/O unit to another I/O unit and received the message, “The selected point is used in a PID Loop and can only be moved to a position on the same I/O Unit. Do you want to continue?” Funny thing is, this DO is not being used in any PID’s.

Work around is to create a new DO point on the I/O new I/O unit and find all references to the old DO and change to the new DO.

Any suggestions out there?

Hi Mick,

For starters, I’d click in the strategy tree part of your strategy and do a Ctrl+R to recalculate your reference counts, in case that fixes it; close/open the strategy.

If that doesn’t help, it could be a bug so I’d contact so they can possibly get your strategy (and our software) fixed.

Are you using 9.5? 9.6? I know we’ve made some changes to if/how we let you move points around relatively recently, so it’s also possible that getting the latest-and-greatest (currently 9.6) version of PAC Control could clear up the issue.


The way I would do it is to use PAC Manager.

Put in the IP address and connect to the unit.
Then click on the PID on the left, then PID Loops.
Click on the drop down box at the top, PID Loop Number.
Scroll through the list of 96 and look for any that have a * next to them, this means the loop is in use and you can take a look at that one and find your digital point.

Great idea Beno. I’ll post back once I get back to that site and can check and update on if this was successful.