CAN2B Serial Module?

The readme for the latest PAC Project refers to 2 new serial modules, including a CAN2B module. I’ve been needing a CANbus solution for a while, so I’m eager to get the details on this product. Since the cat is out of the bag, can you give us the scoop?

Be sure you’re subscribed to OptoNews, the Official Announcement will certainly show up there.
However, in the meantime, I know a new Integration Kit is in the works. Can you tell me what type of application you’d want to use this for, and if there are particular commands you know you’d need? (I’m seeing lots of PGNs getting handled, if that means anything to you.) Thanks for the question!

We would be querying values and adjusting setpoints on CANbus based VAV units. Just wish I’d known this was coming… would have saved a lot of time and aggravation here. I need to subscribe to the OptoEarlyNews.

I see the integration kit and specs for this module have been released. Not much use to us as is, because it is indeed read only. I need to adjust setpoints and heating/cooling mode on VAV and air handler controllers. I’ve gotten some indication that the limitation is in the firmware of the module, and that it has the hardware to transmit. Any more information available on this? As long as I can get the module to transmit, I can expand the integration kit to meet my needs.

We can do everything we need to over ethernet to these devices, which we are doing now, but canbus has the advantage of not needing switches and the associated a/c power for those switches, which can be very hard to retrofit in an existing facility, and makes it difficult to be cost competitive. We would generally be able to reuse the existing signalling wire. We are currently looking at retrofitting 80+ sites, each of which would need a varying number of canbus modules depending on how many units each proves able to support, so hopefully it is worth the time to continue to develop the firmware for this module.

Coburn, My Point Exactly. Who would build a one way communication module???

Hi Guys,

I know there’s been discussion of adding the “write” direction too (into the firmware for that module). But it’s not a small task. And so far the biggest market drive has been for that “read” only.

However, I’d love to hear about the zillions (we hope) of more modules you’d buy if only we could add that missing piece. Much easier to convince the powers that be to add things when we know for sure the effort will be worthwhile business-wise.

Do share!