Can Groov display Pie Chart or Bar Chart

We are working on CNC monitoring project.
This mostly involve showing a chart of how is the productivity of the machine.

Any idea if this is possible on Groov view?
For example:
Out of 100%. 60% machine is running, the rest shows, down time, break time, etc.

Thank you.


No bar charts.

You may be able to do something with multiple level indicators in vertical mode side by side.

I’d avoid pie charts unless you’re working in marketing. :slight_smile:

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Nice point.

I will keep that in mind.
How about a table, with Header and 2 or more columns?
Do you think is doable in Groov View?

Thank you.

No tables. :rage: You will have to build something with individual gadgets.

Sigh… Fine. :sob:
Let me play around what I can come out with.
That ingeniously shows the time and duration of every running time and down time of machine.
It should be interesting. :face_with_monocle:

Why not use a trend, with different define value for each state…
It is not culturally readable but maybe people will get use to it.
It is cool if I can change the color of trend line base on the value.