Batching Groov Alerts

Is there a way to batch Groov alerts or put them on some kind of timer? We set up a number of alerts, well over a hundred, and we’re getting hammered by emails and texts. We have our own thresholds, which is what triggers them and it would be nice to say “only send this alert every hour” or something to that effect.

My alternative is to go to Node-RED which works really well but it’s a lot of work.



One thing you can do is have more than one trigger, and leverage the Data Simulator tags.

For example, there are some square wave / sin wave tags in there for various periods. You could use a 30 minute sine wave and check for when it’s near zero. That would be true only every 15 minutes. You can “And” that condition w/the one you’re now checking to only have it potentially be true ever 15 minutes.

Do you see what I’m saying here?

I do. I’ll give that a try.

Thanks Mary!