B3000 firmware upgrades and release notes

I have B3000’s with two date code years of firmware, 98 and 01. I see firmware for the B3000-B but nothing for the B3000. I’m wanting to read the release notes to see if any of the issues I seem to be experiencing during Optomux communications might be documented, and what the most recent firmware date might be.

My B3000 doesn’t understand the ‘Average and Read Input’ command. It returns ‘N01\r’, but the command I send is the exact message given in the users guide on page 103. Very puzzling. There are a few issues like this which is why I would like to see release notes and firmware info. OK, so I know it’s old hardware and firmware, but if the info is still available it would be nice to see it.

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Please drop an email to support at opto 22 dot com and ask them your original question.
They can probably dig into the archives and find what you are looking for quicker than I can.