Any way to disable Function Shortcuts in PAC Control?

Hi Opto Team,
I just want to know if there is any option to disable the shortcut of function keys in PAC Control professional.
In the Debug mode of PAC Control there are some shortcut keys available which can even stop the strategy.
The list of shortcut keys are
Run F5, Stop F3,Pause Chart F7.,etc…
The main issue is the person using this software unknowingly presses these function key say F3 in keyboard which will stop the strategy and the process gets affected.

So it will be of great help if you people help on disabling this feature. Awaiting for your reply…

Many “Windows Experts” have told me that this is not possible, but you might like to checkout a little known utility program called “Disable Key V2.0” available from “Auto Win Software”, although its easier to locate, download the trial demo and purchase a licensed version from;dropDownForm.

It allows you to disable any key on the keyboard with three options, “Always”, “Program” or “Scheduled (Time Period)”.

Using the “Program” option and the following condition
C:\Program Files\Opto22\PAC Project 9.1\
To ensure that the specified keys are only disabled under PAC Control Professional

It’s more commonly used with the following condition
C:\Program Files\Opto22\PAC Project 9.1\
To ensure that the specified keys are only disabled under PAC Display Runtime Professional

Cool enough? The licensed version is US$39, which is actually a pretty reasonable price to protect the PC from bored and/or malicious PAC Display operators.:cool:

Hi gmitchell thanks for your reply…, but I am not interested to buy a new s/w for just to disable this feature… It would be helpful if there is any alternate solution from opto22…


Gold!!! Never heard of that program and think its fantastic!
Love that you can disable more than one program. We often get asked how to lock down PAC Display, while there are a few features in there for doing that, its hard to do 100% since each customer seems to have different requirements… With a few bucks spent on this program, you can lock the whole PC down pretty snug.
The flexibility this program gives being able to pick and chose what parts of each bit of software you have running is gold!

Nice one mate!


OK Ben. I will give you an honorary membership of my FanClub. Myself, I just love things that make my life easier or better and at US$39 I still think this is quite a bargain. But I think [B]ram_ei[/B] rather wants Opto22 to implement this sort of functionality for US$Zero Bucks. Good luck with convincing the programmers!

PACProject is a fantastic software suite at a very reasonable price, (PACProject Basic is free!) but I don’t think that blocking normal O.S. functionality is something that Opto22 has to assume inside its environment, especially when these types of programs are out there. Some operating systems allow you to easily implement this, but Windows is not one of them. If you are a “Windows Expert”, you can actually do it at the registry level, but [B]Disable Key V2.0[/B] actually makes this FUN!

One last alternative solution for [B]ram_ei[/B]. DELL portables do include this functionality at a BIOS level, although I don0t think its an option on DELL desktop workstation models.

I much prefer the above utility, which as Ben points out, provides flexibility “to infinity and beyond”. You could even set it up differently for different users, just to add another dimension!:cool:

Hi ram_ei,

I’ve submitted your request (which doesn’t necessarily mean it will be approved and implemented). However, Ben makes a good point: customers might have different ideas about how such a “feature” should/shouldn’t work.

I notice the suggested software from George has a free 30-day trial, might be worth a try! Especially since, if you’re worried about someone pressing the wrong key inside PAC Control, there might be other buttons in or out of PAC Control that could be dangerous for your system too.


Hi OptoMary., Thank u for considering my request and taking it to your implementation team… Hoping for a solution of the above feature… And as you said the operators should not use a wrong key., but i feel that these important shortcut seems to be dangerous and so its better if there is an option to disable too…

Thanks for the suggestion! We’re always happy to have feedback from the field. Keep those questions and suggestions coming. And don’t forget to enter the contest… :slight_smile:

Sure.!! Will be posting my suggestions and questions…:slight_smile:

I realize this topic has been almost a month old, but I just want to provide a free alternative to gmitchell’s Disable Key software that he posted.

Use OkayKeyBees.

What you can do to effectively disable the Function Shortcuts in PAC Control is that you click on the Always Replaced tab, and simply remap all the function keys (F3, F5, F7, etc.) to SHIFT, and then click Save. The program will run in the background as a tiny icon in the system tray, which will maintain the remapped key settings. Upon exiting the program, your keyboard will be back to normal.

I like this program since not only is it free, but it’s portable as well. Doesn’t require any installation.


This is just what the forums are about.
Thanks for posting.


Thanks ErichB. Its never to late for a good suggestion. Looks like OkayKeyBees also does the job in a different way.