Analog Input Over Range

Hi All, Just want some guidance so I have one AIM-4 channel module that is getting 11.23 ma and instead of giving me 43% reading it is giving me 57% any idea Why?
I already change the module and same thing
I’m using pac-manager to check my ma
by the way I have some other module with more ma let’s say 11.57 and they are reading 48%
any help will be appreciated…thank you

Please take a screen shot like this of your module and point;

It will be helpful for us to see the scaling and how the point is configured.
(Note, your module will of course be different to this screenshot).

Thanks beno for the quick response here it is

Hmmm, looks Ok at first glance…

Have you checked the voltage at the rack?

Hi again voltage at the rack is 5.12 vdc any other suggestion
thank you