Alexa and Opto 22 Integration

For those looking to develop some interface to the PAC system with Alexa and Node-Red take a look at this link…

We have been working on integrating the PAC with Alexa and are able to use digital outputs to turn things on and off with the WEMO emulator in Node-Red thanks to assistance from Beno.

These two new nodes are still in some development/testing stage by the Node-Red group but this is almost what is required. We are currently looking to modify these nodes for our own use for expanded Alexa functionality with PAC.

The writes have been implemented in the current node but I cannot figure out what is going on with the response node. My expectation is that you can use these two nodes to write and read with Alexa but you will have to handle some cloud processing and firewall manipulation.

Please keep the forum updated with how you go using these Nodes.
(We saw those nodes a good while back, but feel a little nervous in the fact that you have to use some cloud service to make it all work, if that guy shuts down, you are sunk - but, then again, if he never shuts down, I am missing a lot of fun…).