Adding groov EPIC as Device in Ignition Edge

Probably missing something obvious…

I want to do some testing with Ignition Edge Designer and a control strategy I have downloaded to the groov EPIC. I cannot get the “device” to connect when adding to Ignition Edge. What am I missing? I have tried several different entries in the ‘Address’ field: the assigned static IP. loopback (, ‘localhost’

Have you activated the PAC module?

Yes, we activated the module yesterday afternoon

Ok, great.
Here is our working config.

I know you said you had tried all IP address combinations, but for the sake of clarity, this is a known working config for the EPIC device.

Next thing to check is the two check boxes that must be set…

After that, test the device in the OPC Quick Client and see if that is working Ok.

Everything seems to match up with those values. I have an A-B processor also setup and that Device is connected just fine.

Any specific rules on the ‘Name’ of the device? Does it have to match the Hostname or can it be anything (acting as shortcut for the OPC)?

The name can be anything you like. It does not have to match the host name or anything.

What do you see in the quick client?

Have you got any tags configured as ‘public’ in PAC Control?
If you have not set any tags in pac control to be exposed, you wont see them…

The Device status shows as “Not Connected”

There are no tags shown when I expand out the Device in OPC Quick Client

Good catch on the PAC tags and public access. I will check that


That was it, Thanks!

I can understand that I could not see the tags in the Quick Client without making them Public Accessible. But I would have expected the Device to show Connected regardless of tag public accessible status.

Great to hear its up and running!
I take your point, the Ignition software is out of Opto’s hands, but we are in contact with their software guys from time to time and I can pass on your comment.