Add new gadget (drop-down list) to Groov View

Hello experts,

For a project with need to navigate between different pages with multiple Categories. using the “Page navigator” makes the app so baffling for the end-users and we are into adding a drop-down list to sum and show all pages and associated categories. So briefly the question is:
How one can add a drop-down list to navigate between pages?

Thanks in advance…

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At the moment, no such gadget exists… So you need to get a little creative.
My personal test/R&D project has 70 pages over 10 categories. It can get a bit tedious using the drop down menu to navigate so I built my own navigation system into the groov View pages.

Here is a typical page from my project;

I have the main categories on the left under the Home button (no matter what screen you are on, clicking Home takes you to the top overview screen).
The subcategories then are along the top of the page.
The system has been in place and working really well for about 2+ years now.
Very happy with it, very intuitive and simple to build.

Hope that serves as some inspiration.


For what it’s worth, dealing with lots of pages is why the Page menu supports filtering. You can type in all or part of a page name and quickly drill down to the page you need:

If your concern is limiting people to a set of pages, that’s handled by Page Permissions. Create a Group for the set of pages you want to allow access to, change the Page’s permissions to Limited Access and assign it to any number of groups. When users log in, they’ll only be able to see pages in the upper left menu that they have access to. (Admins and editors always have access to everything though.)

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Thanks for the input, but maybe not a fantastic way for a non tech-savvy user, which is the case for my clients…

Thanks Beno, at least it entangled me from visual aspect of my pages! I was wondering if you could share the page template (json file) me me?

Sure. (Remember, images are not included).
Here is the page exported from groov View. (3.6 KB)

How do other people build their page navigation systems in groov View?
Care to share your screen shots with us for inspiration?

Thanks Beno for sharing but it gives me the page version error; “Page version does not match groov version”, any thoughts?

I exported it from my groov View project version R4.2a
I know I there is 4.3 available, I just have not had time to update yet… What version are you running?

Latest release is R4.2b, there’s no 4.3 yet.

As far as the Page version mismatch: that’s a stupid limitation that I haven’t had a chance to fully remove yet. You can work around it by just opening the exported page file in a text editor, look at the top for the groov version, and just change it to match your installation.

Yeah, I meant that I have not yet updated to 4.2b… sorry, getting ahead of myself.
Thanks @Jonathan_Fischer for the tip on fixing the version issue.

@Beno, It is 4.2b (r58071)