Action of the SNAP-PAC read node and "Request for Feature"?

I’m trying to read a specific subset of analog points on multiple EB2s. i.e., I need to read all tank volumes (two on each EB), in the form “C0nn_TANKn”. The tank volume get read at different time intervals than say the wellhead pressures. See the flows below

Currently the SNAP PAC Read node only reads an individual point (tag, or table) or all points. So currently I read all the analog (or digital) points, and split out the specific point using SQL before pushing them into a MySQL database. The problem I run into is trying to read all the tags with multiple flows is random read errors.

What I’d like to see in a future release is the ability to read points or tags based on a search pattern, i.e. “C0%%_TANK%”

Just a suggestion that may prevent some timeouts possibly (and not knowing exactly how node-RED decides when to execute code - or if it even works in parallel - I’m probably completely wrong)

Looks like your code will cause a lot to happen every 5 minutes - could you change your time intervals to be prime #'s? I don’t have much experience with node-RED, but I do this in PAC Display for refresh intervals and it gives me warm fuzzy’s (sorry, I got fuzzy stuck in my head from another thread here…)

Another idea, can you transfer all the values you want into a table in your strategy and then just request that table from node-red?

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Thanks Phillip,

I've been think of using a table, or just read everything each minimum period, and splitting out what i need with JavaScript.



Your welcome Marty, good luck.